4TH Avenue Inc. was established in 2014 in Kobe/Japan with the aim of partnering with Pariz Nuts company based in Iran to directly import Iranian Pistachio, Fig and Dates to Japan. Company was founded by Okamato & Nakai who were childhood friends and grew up in neighborhood. 


Main goal of the company from the beginning is to buy directly from local growers in Iran and after sorting and processing directly export to Japan. All these years we worked side by side with our growers and we know each other very well.  We consider our growers as our partners and company established based on creating fair value for all partners from garden till end users.


Our main products  are pistachio, dates and dry fig. After transferring products from the garden to Pariz Nuts factory we do sorting, processing and packing under strict hygiene and quality regulation. Many years experience of exporting to Japan  created a depth of knowledge and understanding of quality, inspection, storage and transit requirements which makes us uniquely positioned to meet our customers’ needs. 


 As a bridge between Japan customers and Iran growers we have a deep understanding of both sides  and consider it as our mission to serve our customers with best quality and at the same time protect and help our growers

Our Philosophy

  • We believe "Pariz Nuts" has to be synonymous with quality.
  • We believe business is based on building strong and long-term relationships with all partners.
  • We believe in mutual trust, honesty, and integrity.

Contact Us: 

Tel:        +81 78 414 8359

Mobile: +81 70 5432 1172

Email:  4thavenue@pariznuts.jp