Story ~Beginning of 4th Avenue and Pariz Nuts

Mostafa, 岡本慎之介, nuts
mostafa, pariz, okamoto shinnosuke, 4th avenue
中井純一, 岡本慎之介, 4th Avenue, 神戸


1.Shinnosuke meets Mostafa who owns pistachio gardens @ MBA Malaysia


2. Build TRUST by Study, Project, Drinking, Travel, etc.


3. Back in Japan and Shinnosuke begins Trade Company with Childhood Friend, Nakai in Kobe, JAPAN


4. By direct import from producers with fair business model "50% of profit return to partners" make a better world.

Pariz Nuts, Fair Trade, Social Business

ソーシャルビジネス, フェアトレード, パリズナッツ

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