Our story

Our story started from  Malaysia where Okamoto was student there in 2012. During this time he visited Mostafa from Iran who had a pistachio garden and was interested to work on that. After graduating and returning to Japan Okamoto shared the idea with his childhood friend Nakai and finally decided to go through it. It was an exciting movement for 3 young optimistic men.

Initial idea was to get pistachio directly from local growers in Iran and do sorting and packing based on Japan standard and then do export. Later we decided to add two other items: dates and fig. 


Finally after 6 years now the company has its own established factory in Iran in 3,000 square meter with facilities for sorting and packing. During the last 6 years we continuously had export of our products to Japan and always tried to improve and listen to our customers.


As a bridge between Japan people and Iran growers we have a deep understanding of both sides  and consider it as our mission to serve our customers with best quality at the same time protect and help our growers. 

Contact Us: 

Tel:        +81 78 414 8359

Mobile: +81 70 5432 1172

Email:  4thavenue@pariznuts.jp