Chopped & Sliced Dates

Chopped dates is made from drought dates of the Sayer or Estamaran, which are completely automatic washed and dried. After separating the pit and warhead by a pitting machine the date is chopped into same size pieces and to avoid the pastiness and add more dryness the pieces are rolled in high quality rice flour, corn flour or dextrose powder. It's completely machine processed from start to finish of the production process with absolutely no human touch. Chapped Dates also called date chips which are the best sugar alternative and it is a good option for diabetic patients.

There are two types of Chopped Dates:

  • Chopped Sayer Dates 4mm x 8mm (Small size)
  • Chopped Sayer Dates 8mm x 12mm (Normal size)

Chopped Dates have a high nutritional value and is good for all age groups. The chopped Date is a good alternative for glucose instead of sugar and for making different kinds of pies and snacks. It is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional value of 100 grams of Chopped Dates is as following: The protein contained in 100 grams of chopped date is 20 to 50 percent, 50 milligrams of phosphorus and 89 milligrams of magnesium, contains 0.6 Mg of B2 vitamins 0.3 Mg of vitamin B1 and the amount of iron and vitamin C in 100 grams of Chopped Dates is 2.6 milligrams.

Chopped dates are extremely versatile and will lend a naturally sweet flavor to your recipes. Perfect for baking, you can add them to cakes, muffins, granola bars, bread pudding, energy bites, or any other treats. They pair well with other dried fruits and nuts, and make a nice addition to oatmeal and cereal. Chopped dates are a healthy option for sweetening smoothies. Their chewy texture is great for tossing with salads, pilafs, rice and quinoa. We are certain you’ll find many wonderful uses for chopped dates in your cooking!


Ingredients:       Semi-dried dates pieces, rolled in rice flour %1 (prevent them sticking together)

Moisture:           Max 16%

Color:                   Light Brown to Dark brown with coating (Rice flour, Corn flour or dextrose powder)

Shelf Life:            In original packing max 18 months at good storing conditions
                              (Store in a cool & dry place).

Smell/Taste:       Typical dates taste and smell / Sweet natural fruit flavor

Place of Origin:   Khuzestan province, Iran

Usage:                  Used for direct consumption in snacks, cereal, baked goods, and in medicine, industrial.

Packaging:           5&10 Kg Cartons     We currently pack our Chopped Dates in 5kg bulk cartons but can do                                                                                                         smaller packs upon order.

Shipment:             By dry container

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